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Published on June 21st 2019 in

Future Leaders of the Industry

The latest Future Leader presentation was made at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence to Luke Peters of Sheen Panel Services. Luke was recently named Kangan Institute Automotive Refinishing Apprentice of the year.

Phil Nixon, Supply Chain Specialist in Short Tail Claims at IAG, was the MC for the occasion, which was attended by several representatives of IAG, Kangan Institute, Sheen Panel Services and the National Collision Repairer.

Michael Mavrikakis, Head Techer at the Automotive Centre of Excellence, reflected on Luke’s progress since coming to the TAFE two years ago. “Luke continues to develop his skills, as evidenced by the awards he has already received in his short career.” Mavrikakis went on to thank IAG for their support of the Future Leaders Initiative.

Nixon then introduced Anthony Waye, Team Leader Short Tail Claims for IAG, who in turn asked Luke to join him for a short Q&A.

Waye: You have a real passion for football, but tell us how you decided to get into the industry?

Peters: My dad was always into cars, particularly motorsport and restoration shows on TV, and so I got the bug.

Waye: So, how was the experience going through the apprenticeship application process?

Peters: I pointed out that I believe passion drives performance, and in turn a better result. I was offered an apprenticeship at Sheen’s Reservoir, but Sheen’s moved me to Tullamarine so that I could continue to play football on the weekend.

Waye: I understand that initially you were considering autobody repair. What changed your mind to go into refinish?

Peters: I just love the customers’ reaction when they see the finished job and I just knew this is what I wanted to do.

Waye: What can you tell us about the experience here at Kangan Institute?

Peters: The support of the staff here is just fantastic, particularly my teacher, Andrew Makroyiannis – he’s been great.

Waye: And all your efforts have brought some early recognition.

Peters: Winning the Sheen Group award last year and the Kangan Institute Award this year was unbelievable, although it is a reflection on the culture at Sheen Group. They are really committed to developing young talent.

Waye: Outside of work, what are your other interests?

Peters: My recreational passion is football – it’s such a great sport.

Waye: And finally, any future ambitions at this stage?

Peters: I want to get more experience before making choices for the future.

Waye then congratulated Luke on his achievement and presented his certificate, the award, and the two I-CAR training courses. He concluded: “IAG is proud to continue to support the Future Leaders of the Industry initiative. We see such recognition as critical for the future of the industry.”

Tony Todaro, Sheen Panel Services added: “On behalf of our organisation I want to thank Kangan Institute, with whom we have a strong partnership, the National Collision Repairer, and particularly IAG for getting behind this great initiative.”

In receiving his award, Luke said: “I am extremely grateful to Sheen Panel Services, the team at Kangan Institute and, of course, IAG for their support of the initiative – it really is special.”

Editor: IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated. We all wish Luke every success and are confident he will continue to kick goals whichever direction his career takes.

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