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Published on November 12th 2021 in

Funky SEMA concept showcases PPG colour expertise

Introduced by Toyota in 1972 as a fuel-efficient alternative to the conventional motorhomes of the time, the Chinook camper went on to become an icon of the 1970s and 1980s. Now it has been reimaged as a special concept vehicle for the recent 2021 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, in Las Vegas.

Dubbed the Toyota “Tacozilla” 4×4 overlander concept vehicle, it comes packed with cool features, topped off by a funky, vintage-inspired colour scheme developed by a team from PPG’s automotive OEM coatings and refinish businesses, in collaboration with Toyota Motorsports Garage.

Based on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, the Tacozilla comprises a fully insulated “micro-house” that can comfortably accommodate two people for on and off-road adventures. Inside, there are a host of modern conveniences, including a full bathroom with hot-water shower, a flat-screen television, a kitchen with refrigerator, stove and sink, and a 3D-printed dining table that converts to a backlit piece of wall art.

The vehicle’s white basecoat and vintage yellow, orange and bronze accents perfectly showcase the colour styling and development expertise at PPG, says Misty Yoemans, PPG Colour Styling Manager, Americas. “This was a very fast-paced, exciting project that demonstrated our team’s unique ability to create and execute a colour scheme that helped bring our customer’s concept to life.”

PPG’s unique colour leadership position gives it the tools and expertise to observe and translate emerging global colour trends for customers’ applications. For anything from consumer goods to automotive colour or residential to commercial and industrial design, PPG delivers colour palettes that are impactful, able to coat a wide range of materials and surfaces, and help customers bring more desirable products to market.

Check out YouTube for a five-episode video series covering the development of Toyota’s Tacozilla concept vehicle.

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