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Fund support, build skills for a low emissions future; MTAA

The leading automotive trades group is calling on the federal government to adopt a raft of policies to support repair businesses to speed up the uptake and ease the transition to EVs.

The Motor Trades Association of Australia has lodged a budget submission that it says the government needs to adopt to follow up on its New Vehicle Emission Standards to ensure the number of low emissions vehicles continues to grow on the roads.

The submission is pushing for more funding for charging stations including automotive retail businesses who install charging stations, tax offsets or carbon credits for automotive retail businesses who invest in new tools and safety equipment for EVs.

The MTAA also wants the Luxury Car Tax abolished and a nationally consistent Road User Charging Scheme among its 16 key recommendations focussed on tax reform, industry support and skills and training.

MTAA CEO Matt Hobbs says energy requirements and the environment are among the most important.

“Australian transportation is experiencing its biggest technological shift in 100 years and the automotive industry needs to adapt, so it makes sense for the Federal Government to help the people who can ensure a successful transition,” Hobbs says.

“The Australian automotive industry faces challenges around taxation and red tape, end-of-life recycling and low emissions infrastructure, and apprenticeships and skilled labour. The industry deals with these issues every day; it’s time now for the Federal Government to do the same.”

MTAA’s recommendations also include accelerated depreciation on ZLEV purchases and the need to funding to a full review of the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and its related online platform ROVER, which is not fit for purpose.

To ensure it meets its stated aims, ROVER urgently needs legislative and technical changes.

“Skills and training remain an important component to a thriving automotive retail industry. If the government wants the economy to thrive, we must have a skilled workforce,” Hobbs says.

MTAA recommends the reintroduction of the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements program, with a rise to 15 per cent wage subsidies in the first year of an apprenticeship or traineeship along with support for industry led mentoring programs to increase completion rates.

“The automotive industry is experiencing significant change on several fronts. The Federal Government needs to help the industry through this transition so we can have the best outcomes for the economy, the environment, business and motorists.”

Read the full submission here.

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