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Published on August 5th 2022 in

Ford USA introduces optional ADAS certification

Ford in the USA is now offering an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) certification for Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) participants. Although the certification is optional, having dedicated, in-house ADAS calibration technicians to maintain the highest level of certification available is recommended.

Collision repairers who are not ADAS-certified must work with FCCN-certified third-party providers who have completed the Ford ADAS requirements for their calibration and diagnostic needs. The following items are required to be ADAS-certified:

  • A dedicated, in-house calibration technician
  • Completion of all 11 I-CAR training courses related to ADAS
  • Completion of all 5 Ford Motor Company training courses on ADAS and the Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS)
  • Completion of Ford’s 2-day, hands-on ADAS service and diagnosis training workshop
  • Access to Ford’s official Workshop Manual (included in FCCN)
  • Proper tools and equipment, including Ford diagnostic hardware and software, and 360-degree camera calibration mats

“Driver assistance systems will continue to grow and expand,” said Ford Collision Network Manager Dean Bruce. “ADAS technology features highly-sensitive equipment and components integrated into many vehicle systems. Ford’s new ADAS certification option helps to ensure technicians are able to recognize, diagnose and calibrate all ADAS features to ensure proper functionality of every vehicle system.”

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