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Ford: New tech on 2018 F-150, Mustang to spot pedestrians at night

Ford has announced  it would this year launch technology to automatically brake vehicles for pedestrians in the dark.

The upgraded Pedestrian Detection system will be available first for the European version of the next-generation Ford Fiesta. Not long after, it’ll be an option for the 2018 Ford Mustang and F-150 in the U.S.

The OEM tested the system at night in major European cities and on closed tracks with dummies.

Ford car communications manager Dan Jones wrote in an email Monday that the technology automatically kicks in above about 3 mph and works at up to 50 mph during the day.

The technology needs both the camera and radar to work, according to Jones. If the camera can’t “see” because a driver failed to activate the headlights, the solo radar isn’t enough of a fail-safe.

“The system utilizes the headlights and relies on information from a radar located in the bumper and a windshield mounted camera,” Jones wrote. “Both must be unobstructed for the system to operate properly. The range of the system depends on settings determined by the driver. For example, if the alert sensitivity is set to high, the system will give earlier, more frequent warnings.”

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