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For results with a low footprint, the way forward is clear

Premium repair paint brand Glasurit continues to add to its range of products that focus on high quality outcomes while also bringing environmental benefits including less waste into the workshop.

Glasurit, BASF’s premium refinish paint brand, has introduced a new mixing clear for its 22 Line topcoat range that brings a new level simplicity to the paint process.

22 Line is formulated to ensure the highest product quality and meet the highest requirements of modern body shops.

AraClass is Glasurit’s latest range of cutting-edge products and solutions that deliver a unique combination of quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness.

The new Glasurit 22 Line mixing clear can be used with AraClass hardener and AraClass reducer according to ambient temperature and the size of the object to be painted for a full range of solid colours.

Glasurit AraClass Eco Balance 22 Line mixing clear, A-T-20, is the first topcoat mixing clear with Eco Balance quality certified by REDcert.

This means it is highly sustainable, as raw fossil fuels are reduced in their production and CO2 emissions are reduced too.

Glasurit’s launch earlier this year of the AraClass range was a first for the Asia Pacific region, a pioneering step in delivering products with a unique combination of quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness.

Glasurit describes eco-effectiveness as a balance of increased profitability with sustainability.

EcoBalance products are produced based on BASF’s biomass balance approach which contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in the manufacturing and production process partly manufactured with renewable feedstock, instead of fossil fuels, to reduce CO2 emissions.

The products are in line  with a company-wide focus on sustainability and BASF’s ambitious targets across the global company to reduce emissions by 25 per cent by 2030 from 2018 levels and be a zero-emission company by 2050. For the automotive division the specific objectives are a 40 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint by 2030, improving material efficiency by 25 per cent and a target of ensuring 40 per cent of sales are products with these sustainable outcomes.

BASF head of sales and marketing, Australia and New Zealand coatings, Sally Jones said at the time the products aligned with company’s sustainability objectives but also allowed repairers to take practical and positive steps in their product choices along with adding to workshop efficiency.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we are seeing our customers around the world share this value and actively look for products that balance environmental protection, energy consumption and productivity, “ Jones says.

“With Glasurit’s new AraClass range, body shops can now support the environment and at the same time have the guarantee of maximum performance thanks to the use of highly efficient solutions.”

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