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Published on August 16th 2020 in

Fix Auto Somerville – rebranded and ready for business

Somerville and District Panels is one of the latest independent repairers to join the world’s largest independent repair network, Fix Auto. Based on the Mornington Peninsula to the south east of Melbourne, the business, owned and operated by Bill Kubeil joined the brand in March just before Australia was thrust into the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the obvious challenges this presented the business, Bill and his team remained focused on their transition plan and began a significant rebranding exercise which included the demolition and reconstruction of several parts of the building, new offices and staff areas were also created, in addition to reconfiguring the workshop to optimise vehicle flow and efficiency.

Working with the team from Fix Auto to transform the location to its full potential was a real labour of love for Bill who commented: “We always knew we wanted to change the way the business worked and how it looked, we knew it could be better, we just always seemed to be too busy to get it done. Joining Fix Auto and having a sense of purpose and direction, along with the odd nudge now and then to stay focused made all the difference”.

The business, which has established a stellar reputation for the quality of work they deliver from heavy non-drive on 4×4 and trucks, right through to PDR may seem like a mixed bag of work when you see the range of damage being repaired at any one time. Bill explains: “The work we take reflects our approach to everything we do. The big and complex jobs have never intimidated us, we have the skills and the equipment to take these on, so we do. The PDR work stems from my personal obsession with detail and getting things right. We focus on the tiniest details and treat the smallest blemish or ding as the biggest priority for every customer. We are relentless in our pursuit of returning a car back to a customer in pristine condition.”

Stuart Faid, Vice President Asia and Head of the Australian business said: “It has been a pleasure to get to know Bill and the team during their transition. Everyone has been energised by the re-imagining of the business and seeing it come to life in what is now Fix Auto Somerville. I was worried that the timing would dampen spirits as we battled with such uncertainty during the pandemic, but I could not have been more wrong, if anything it galvanised us all to make sure this happened and I am delighted with the result”.

Steve Taylor, State General Manager, Fix Auto added: “Bill is a very well-respected repairer in the area. Customers, suppliers and work providers all say the same thing:  great guy, great business, great repairs.  It’s an honour to have Bill join our network to build on his success to date. His passion for the industry and his “all in” approach to the rebranding of his shop is just another example of why he is such a great fit for the network”.

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