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Published on July 9th 2021 in

Fix Auto Macarthur is open for business

One week after the rebranding of Fix Auto Canterbury, Fix Auto Australia is delighted to announce the rebranding of another of its 2021 signings, Fix Auto Macarthur.

Fix Auto Macarthur, formerly known as AAA Malibu joined the growing network in May 2021 and has now completed its transition into the network and is now ready for business under its new identity.

Aaron Samphier, Director and owner of Fix Auto Macarthur told us that the past few weeks had been very busy preparing for the relaunch of his business and ensuring that the transition went seamlessly while managing business as usual. “Fix Auto worked with us to review our business from top to bottom, we took the opportunity to look at everything from receiving customers into the business, estimating work, undertaking the repair process through to how we handover completed cars at the end of it all. Fix Auto provides a complete suite of branded tools and support materials that deliver a very professional experience for our customers. Like most repairers, we believed we always had good processes in place, however it has been insightful to review these with a fresh perspective and now support them with strong branding and materials. Joining the network and rebranding the business has given us all a spring in our step and we are excited about the future potential for our business working in partnership with Fix”.

Scott Holden, State General Manager, NSW and QLD said: “Aaron has a great facility, passionate team of people and a really positive culture in his business.  Everyone is extremely customer focused. As with the rest of our network, what we are providing him with now, is the infrastructure, support and scale of a global organisation. I am looking forward to helping Aaron and the team reach a whole new level as one of over 800 shops in the world’s largest independently owned repair network”.

Stuart Faid, Head of Fix Auto in Australia and Asia added that it had also been a busy period for Fix Auto in Australia, with two shops completing their transitions into the network and one new signing in Melbourne in the first week of July, all while the team have been struggling to contend with lockdowns and interstate travel restrictions as they continue to support their network. “COVID-9 has impacted our anticipated growth trajectory this year, and just as we think we have put the pandemic behind us, we descend into another lockdown somewhere in the country. This creates a heightened sense of nervousness and uncertainty with repairers as they try to navigate the complexities of the day-to-day environment, said Faid.

“That said, we have several more shops on target to join the network by the end of the year. The reality is that things are not getting any easier in the industry and for the remaining independents. Whether its COVID-19 or consolidation, the odds are increasingly against us. Uniting to achieve strength in numbers, scale and unification is the surest way to secure our businesses against the challenges ahead. This is no longer lost on anyone in the industry, and we look forward to welcoming many more high quality, future focused repairers to the family in the future.”

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