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Farécla’s polishing partnership worth seeking out

For workshops looking for a combined polishing system that will help deliver the best outcomes with less effort and lower overheads, the upcoming Collision Repair Expo could provide the perfect learning opportunity.

Saint-Gobain will be showcasing the innovative Farécla system as part of its exhibition stand in April with a special demonstration area for the G Plus Electric Rotary Polishing Machine and the complete G360 Super Fast Polishing System.

Perfection in polishing

The G Plus Electric Rotary Polishing Machine from Farécla is a tool that can deliver the precision and power that are important to any automotive workshop.

Farécla has crafted the innovative polisher for professionals with a host of features. One standout is the light weight of the tool, coming in at 2.2kgs. With its well-balanced design this ensures fatigue-free operation during extended polishing sessions. It also features cool running technology that helps maintain consistent performance without overheating, especially for tackling large-scale polishing projects.

Image: Saint-Gobain

The G Plus is driven by a low noise 80dba high-torque 800-watt motor, purpose-built to accommodate G Mop 6” (150mm) and 8” (200mm) pads. This pairing is aimed at giving technicians an exceptional polishing experience. The thumb-operated speed dial, with variable speed control ranging from 700 to 2500 RPM, also gives the technician the flexibility to adapt to different surfaces and applications, while a five-metre power cord adds to freer movement and eliminates constant repositioning.

The soft-start motor has low vibration 1.7 m/s2 function, reducing product splash during start-up and enhancing user control. The speed stabilization mechanism gives a steady and constant speed output, also enhancing control.

Farécla have designed the G Plus Electric Rotary Polishing Machine with engineering excellence and user-centric features to make it the tool of choice for technicians who want to produce the best results every time.

Quality finishes with less cost

Image: Saint-Gobain

Farécla’s G360 Super Fast Polishing System can require between 30 and 50 per cent less compound being used on a job compared to other brands, saving the workshop on product costs as well as reducing clean-up time. This system also eliminates the need for expensive P3000 discs. The ability to compound after P1500 rapidly speeds up the process time, saving money in product usage and labour time.

The speed of the G360 System cuts polishing times but also less electricity cost per job, with increased productivity and throughput. Reduced polishing time also has the EHS benefit of reduction in the risk of operator exposure to Hand Arm Vibration risk. Farécla’s G360 System’s performance has been further improved with the upgrade to the formulation of its optional step 2 product, Farécla G360 Finish swirl and hologram remover. The new formulation provides a deeper gloss, faster wipe-off, and noticeably quicker flawless finish on blacks and dark colours.

More information is available at Saint-Gobain Australia 1300 007 650

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