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Facebook Group opens PPG Colour Matching Comp 24/7

Approaching its 30th Anniversary, the PPG Colour Matching Competition is a very popular annual event, and thanks to a new Facebook Group, past and present participants can now stay connected 24/7.

Win, lose or draw, the annual PPG Colour Matching Competition is all about participation. As budding apprentice spray painters take part in regional and state competitions, they get to exercise, develop and refine their colour matching skills and, ultimately, take that knowledge and experience into their careers as qualified tradespeople. Now, a new Facebook Group is providing a focal point for people to keep in touch with the PPG Colour Matching Competition, whenever they like, all year round.

The exclusive group is open to those who have previously taken part in the competition, whether at regional, state or final level, along with trade instructors (TAFE, MTA, etc) and spray-painting apprentices who wish to participate in future competitions. This is particularly relevant at this time due to the forced postponement of the 2020 event due to COVID-19. As a result, provisions have been made for any apprentice who was eligible this year to then be entitled to compete in the 2021 event.

Overall, the PPG Colour Matching Competition Facebook Group has the potential to be a valuable resource for the wider automotive spray painting community. For example, it will provide a handy platform for discussions on a range of topics, the sharing of photos from previous competitions or even offer the ability for past competitors to share their experiences and, potentially, chat with future contestants.

From a technical point of view, it’s anticipated that it will provide convenient access to a variety of useful colour theory information and the option to ask questions and get an answer from a PPG colour expert.


Using the existing PPG Colour Matching Competition database, email invitations will be sent to recent participants and trade instructors (where an email address is available). If you wish to join and you do not receive an email invitation, you can make a request to join the group by visiting and filling out a short questionnaire. Behaviour within the group will be monitored and governed by a set of rules and guidelines to prevent inappropriate conduct.

Expressions of interest for the 2021 PPG Colour Matching Competition can be registered on the PPG webpage,, or by contacting your nearest PPG Training Manager or Territory Manager.

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