NCR Axalta Fire Boat

Excelling with the NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire Boat

As their name suggests, Excel Marine, located on the Central Coast of NSW, specialises in all types of aluminium and stainless steel fabrication, and, marine aluminium fabrication is a large part of our business with over 100 aluminium custom boats built over 15 years. Excel Marine has always worked on all manor of jobs for NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) including building several new aluminium Fire Boats. The latest being the Cat 15 Prototype vessel, Engineering 15.

The labour intensive build started in May 2019 with handover to the RFS taking place last month. The Fire Boat is used to conduct on water fire-fighting services for bush and properties with no road access, as well as boat fires, evacuations and medical emergencies. Rated for 8 firefighters, the boat is designed with numerous firefighting and water-based capabilities using an up to date suite of electronic equipment.

In the final stages of completing the boat, it was coated using Imron Fleetline products from Cromax, the colour being “RFS RED”. Guidance through the complete process from preparation through to paint was provided from paint supplier, Wallaby Crash Supplies.

Simon Bennett and Troy Munnery, Director`s of Excel Marine, were thankful for the support they received from their supplier in completing this build. “Having Wallaby, and in particular, Tarny Downie to oversee the paint system required to achieve the result required for a project like this, was a great help.”

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