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iMove Conference 2022: Collaborating towards our sustainable future

It’s been a long couple of years with limited opportunity to bring people together – but we are back and keen to connect with you. There has been significant project activity and thinking during this time and we are keen to start sharing and generating ideas face-to-face again. Australia is making progress in the quest for cleaner, smarter, more equitable transport, but there is much more to be done.

Now over halfway through its 10-year funding period, iMOVE has stood up 160+ projects in the transport space helping tackle, a wide range of challenges with our partners. Critical momentum is building in the transport and mobility sector with technologies and approaches that will help us make more of our aspirations a reality. This momentum coincides with an increasing and unavoidable imperative to provide clean, safe and inclusive transport systems and options for our businesses and communities Australia-wide.

Collaborative applied research has proved to be a powerful tool for companies and government alike, with the iMOVE model connecting partners with some of Australia’s best research minds to achieve their goals. We now need to keep building on the great work that is happening around Australia – through iMOVE and elsewhere – and ensure that we do not lose momentum and opportunity.

iMOVE’s 2022 conference is both a celebration of outcomes to date and a launchpad for the next wave of thinking – and projects – across a number of key topics.

Registrations open early August. Lock in the dates now in your calendar. More info to follow soon.

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