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Energy savings a game changer for workshops

Glasurit’s latest product releases have taken the brand’s commitment to sustainability to a new level, offering energy and time savings in the workshop that enhance the products green credentials.

Glasurit launched the new Eco-Balance Air-Drying direct-to-metal primer filler as part of its AraClass range in line with parent company BASF’s global strategy to make products with lower carbon footprints, greater transparency and carry these benefits on into the repair workshop.

The new primer filler offers outstanding sprayability, with excellent sanding properties and corrosion resistance. This low-energy industry-leading solution creates a highly sustainable process, making it the first of its kind.

The Eco Balance Air-Drying DTM primer is part of the revolutionary range of AraClass undercoats, one of the most sustainable undercoat ranges available. It creates better performance through technical and efficiency improvements, as well as eco-effectiveness. These enhanced performance capabilities will have a significant effect on body shops looking to excel, and lead in innovation and sustainability with Glasurit.

In addition to its eco-friendliness, the new Air-Drying DTM primer filler enables body shops to maximise efficiency in operations whilst reducing energy consumption. Due to the direct-to- metal application, body shops can shorten process times by up to 17 per cent compared to the standard sanding filler process.

As a result of Glasurit’s air-drying technology, no energy is needed to cure the primer, customers can therefore save up to 75 per cent of the total energy consumption compared to the standard sanding filler process.

BASF Australia & New Zealand, Coatings Sally Jones, Head of Sales & Marketing says the benefits to the workplace and the community continue with bodyshops able to get cars back on the road faster and save money on labour costs.

“Particularly nowadays, saving time and energy is extremely crucial especially with rising energy costs. These two solutions combined in one product will continue to support all our customers in navigating the challenging business environment that the industry currently faces,” Jones says.

Since 1888, Glasurit has stood for perfect quality, social and ecological responsibility, and has been committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions for several years. Eco Balance products help save fossil raw materials and are certified for significant reduction in CO2.

The Eco Balance certified Air-Drying DTM primer filler is a win-win, as it meets the highest requirements of modern body shops.

“We are proud to consistently support our customers’ plans to become more eco-effective by offering products with faster processes, low energy consumption and overall, a highly sustainable process. We are taking this step together”, Jones says.

“The launch of the new Eco Balance Air-Drying direct-to-metal primer filler is a game-changer for the body shop industry. The perfect solution for body shops that are looking to save time and money, while reducing their impact on the environment.”

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