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Published on May 9th 2018 in

Distance no barrier for leading PDR training organisation

When it comes to PDR training Laury Chibnall, founder of Dents R Us, has found flexibility is the key to his success training new PDR technicians all over Australia and internationally.

Following a career as a panel beater and owner of his own panel repair shop for more than 15 years, Laury was one of the first innovator’s in the PDR market.  He travelled to the US in 1997 to gain full certification and accreditation as a PDR technician, bringing the expertise back to Australia.

Over the past 20 years Laury has trained PDR technicians from all over Australia at his Dents R Us Training Academy in Ballarat, Victoria. “I am very flexible and have travelled to extensively conducting PDR training in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia,” said Chibnall.

The training programs can assist panel shops in becoming more profitable by upskilling their employees to implement PDR in the existing shops service schedule. “This provides opportunities for large repair centres to have their staff trained in-house without the additional expense of travelling to Victoria,” he added.

Over the years, Dents R Us has provided training to PDR technicians from Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia, even receiving an enquiry from as far away as Canada. “The same flexibility applies to international customers. Provided the organisation has a minimum of four trainees, I can travel to their site and deliver the comprehensive two-week course, including the new ‘T-Hot Box Training Program’”.

“The T-Hot Box Training Program introduces the next generation technology in the PDR industry to my existing courses,” said Chibnall. “I see it as an add-on to the conventional PDR repair techniques as it is ideal for pulling up dents, but the conventional methods are required for some of the more complex dents”.

“I incorporated a business management module in my training programs to ensure trainees who were looking to be self employed were aware of the key issues required to run a successful business,” he concluded.

For over 21 years Laury had been providing PDR services for hail damage, car park dents and dent repairs on luxury vehicles saving the owner or dealer significant amounts of money. Chibnall is not only a certified PDR Trainer but also has a Diploma of Business and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

The Dents R Us Training Academy offers a one-stop shop training facility for panel shops and individuals including a comprehensive ten-day training program, full kit of tools and equipment, ongoing advice and support, and now the new T-Hot Box PDR training option.

Call Laury Chibnall on 0438 383555 to talk about his next course or the opportunity for him to conduct a course in your area.

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