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Published on August 27th 2021 in

DCR and National Coatings and Supplies announce partnership

In the U.S., DCR Systems announced a partnership with National Coatings and Supplies (NCS), the paint, body and equipment distributor with an established national presence. As part of the new arrangement, NCS will provide AkzoNobel paint products and 3M allied products to all of DCR Systems’ locations as well as offer paint technician training and a real-time automated inventory control system called LOG1C ICS.

Based in Ohio, DCR Systems operates nine production cells in seven dealer-based collision repair facilities in four states. “Our industry expertise and coating resources will allow us to offer DCR Systems everything they need to improve efficiency, manage cost, and increase operational accuracy, enhancing their competitive edge,” said Craig Glazebrook, VP of Strategic Accounts for NCS. “DCR Systems is such an innovative company and offers a service that nobody else in the industry does. It’s a true partnership.”

“NCS offers the resources of a big company with a small company feel,” said Michael Giarrizzo, president and CEO of DCR Systems. “We realized that our cultures align, we believe in their commitment to the industry, and we are looking forward to working with the NCS team.” Cheryl Boswell, CFO and managing partner of DCR Systems added: “Building relationships and finding partners with similar cultures is very important to our organization. NCS is a forward-thinking company, and we are excited to grow our businesses together,”

Boswell said that NCS also has a robust reporting system, which will help DCR Systems improve financial performance. “This system will give us key performance indicators to help us understand how to improve performance, and I am pleased that the system allows them to break out our invoices by financial categories.”

As DCR Systems continues to grow its network within the auto dealer community, Giarrizzo added that NCS’s presence across the country will be very beneficial when identifying candidates for the model. Glazebrook concluded: “NCS takes pride in supporting customers as they grow,”. “We look forward to working together and assisting DCR Systems as they continue to expand.”

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