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Published on July 1st 2022 in

Daniel Benea, Repairhub

The latest Future Leader of the Industry presentation was made to Daniel Benea, dynamic and enthusiastic Business Performance Manager at Repairhub in Banyo, Queensland.

Following a brief introduction, MC for the occasion, Richard Rattray, IAG Motor Assessing Manager – Qld Metro, welcomed the guests and thanked Repairhub CEO James Knox for hosting the event and invited him to say a few words.

“Since Daniel joined us over seven years ago, we have seen him progress from our receptionist to become the business performance manager at our flagship site at Banyo, which was recently awarded Repairhub Site of the Year. He has set the benchmark for the plethora of young talent we have across our network of 18 sites, and on behalf of the organisation, I offer our congratulations,” said Knox.

Vanessa Harrison, I-CAR general manager, presented Daniel with two training vouchers, saying: “We at I-CAR are honoured to support the awards and encourage Daniel to continue his commitment to continuous learning, and we have no doubt his career will further develop.”

Rattray returned to “the podium” and invited Daniel to come forward for an impromptu interview:

RR:    What made you put university on the back burner to go full-time at Subway?

DB:     I wanted to work with people, and I welcomed the opportunity for my first role in leading a team and running a business.

RR:    And this turned out to be a turning point when you met Chris Beatty?

DB:     Yes, Chris was a regular customer who, as it turns out, had been watching how I worked and how I dealt with staff and customers.

RR:    I believe you were initially known as DTR (Daniel the Receptionist).

DB:     Yes, I was given this nickname early on in the role by one of my friends, and it just stuck. I see it as a reminder of how far I’ve come in such a short time.

RR:    Tell us a bit about your experience at Repairhub.

DB:     I’ve been really thrilled with the progress I’ve made and with the support I’ve had in my journey. Repairhub really is a great place to build a career.

RR:    So, what does your current role entail?

DB:     My role is to ensure the business operates as effectively and efficiently as possible, and I work closely with several others to make this happen.

RR:    And where do you see yourself in, say, five years’ time?

DB:     I believe that delivering in my current role will lead to career development, so I will continue to do this, and I am sure new opportunities will arise.

RR:     And finally – what is your dream car?

DB:     We work on so many types of cars, I don’t really have a favourite, but right now, it’s the new family SUV that works for me.

Rattray then congratulated Daniel on his achievements and presented him with the Future Leader of the Industry certificate. He concluded: “IAG is proud to continue its partnership with the National Collision Repairer on the Future Leaders of the Industry initiative, particularly with the strong alignment with IAG’s own values.”

On receiving his award, Daniel said: “I am extremely grateful for the support of the team at Repairhub, and in particular, James [Knox], Stuart Hammond and Chris Beatty for their ongoing guidance. I also want to thank I-CAR Australia and IAG for their support of this award.”

Editor: IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated. We congratulate Daniel and wish him every success with his career.

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