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Published on June 18th 2021 in

Car-O-Liner CDR Workstation recommended by Daimler

Car-O-Liner proudly announced that Daimler AG has given the CDR1 Cosmetic Dent Repair Workstation a global recommendation.

The CDR1 is an all-in-one solution for light cosmetic dent repair and is designed for the repair of small to medium auto body damage. It is a value-packed repair cart that allows you to quickly and efficiently provide professional repairs of light cosmetic damage. These quick cosmetic collision repairs generate good margins, faster cycle times and a decreased need for investments in expensive, heavy equipment.

Features and benefits

The CDR1 contains all the equipment and materials needed to perform light cosmetic collision damage repair quickly and efficiently.

Roll the workstation easily to wherever it needs to be.

CDR1’s small footprint makes it the perfect addition to any workshop and provides extended service to current customers and attract new ones.

3 Versions
There is a CDR1 to meet any workshop’s needs. Upgrade and add more great repair solutions to your all-in-one workstation

  • Basic Kit: Workstation, CR235 Combi Spotter, Drawer 1 for Steel and Drawer 2 for Aluminium
  • Advanced Kit: Basic Kit + Drawer 3 for Glue
  • Master Kit: Advanced Kit + Drawer 4 for Holding and Drawer 5 for Push-Pull

The CR235 Combi Spotter is a unique spotter, with two separate guns that can easily switch between steel and aluminium welding operations. It is efficient, quick and precise and can quickly switch between two dedicated guns, disassembly of the panel is not required, reducing spare parts orders and saving up to 40% on repair time. It also minimises welding and decreases the chance of altering panels through heat or burn-through and eliminate the risk for compromised corrosion protection.

Car-O-Liner concluded that they are proud of their close partnership with Daimler AG and other OEMs in the motor vehicle industry.

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