Published on August 14th 2017 in

Continuing the legacy…Joe and Josephine McFadries

It’s great to be directly involved in the collision repair industry once again, particularly at such an exciting and challenging time. As the new editor and owner of the National Collision Repairer magazine I look forward to continuing the legacy created by David and Chris back in 2005. With a long history in the automotive coatings industry across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, my passion for the industry continued to grow. This made the decision to acquire the magazine one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make – when the opportunity came along, both Josephine and I jumped at it. David and Chris have done a great job and it is our intention to continue the evolution of the magazine in line with the ever-changing environment in which we operate. The industry has provided me some great opportunities and through the magazine I look forward to actively participating and making a lasting contribution to the future of the industry.
Comment from David Newton-Ross: “In Joe and Josephine we have the perfect team to continue to provide to the industry what I consider to be the best magazine on the market for our industry. Their background and passion for the industry will become evident to everyone as the magazine continues to improve and provide information, education and entertainment into the future. I am looking forward to my retirement and to receiving my monthly issue of the National Collision Repairer magazine as I am still very interested in the happenings and activity within the industry. My thanks and best wishes go to everyone who has supported and helped us over the years and of course to Joe and Josephine – every success for the future.”

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