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Complimentary Access to Holden Collision Repair Procedures

EDITOR: The following press release is from GM Holden and is a great offer for repairers around Australia to access free the latest repair information procedures. Having attended two of the GM Forum’s recently I know how important it is to have access to this type of information. Check it out and provide feedback to GM. Well done to GM for this initiative.

Holden is providing complimentary access to Collision Repair Procedures -CollisionTech between the 1st October and 31st December 2016.

Holden approved collision repair procedures have been developed by GM engineering teams around the world for Holden vehicles.

Used in conjunction with Holden genuine parts these repair procedures provide a comprehensive guide for collision repairers to repair Holden customer vehicles.
Only Holden genuine parts are designed, tested and guaranteed to fit right first time to Holden buy generic quetiapine vehicles.

We encourage all Collision Repairers to give CollisionTech “a go”.

To access CollisionTech you will require the following.

  • Holden Trade Club Member number & password.

For those Collision Repair Shops who do not have a Holden Trade Club Member number, please contact your Holden Dealership to arrange one for your business.

To Access the Site:

  • Open your internet browser and go to
  • Log in using your member number and password.
  • Ensure that you agree to the Website terms of use.
  • Press the LOG IN button.

Information Available:

  • Online version of the Holden Trade Club Book
  • Holden’s Got Your Back Videos and Bulletins
  • News and Articles
  • Top 20 CollisionTech Downloads
  • CollisionTech Catalogue of Holden Repair Procedure

We welcome any feedback that you may have about the CollisionTech site.

Kind Regards,

Damian Cahill

Damian Cahill

Damian Cahill


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