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Published on June 3rd 2020 in

Coming soon – The Auto Industry Coop

Following various reports of an impending announcement about a new industry cooperative, we are now able to announce that it will be known as the Auto Industry Coop and is designed to offer a range of products and services to their members.

aiCOOP will support members, and their customers, by economies of scale to enable members to better manage their businesses, develop customer relationships and build a more sustainable business model. The range of quality products and services include:

  • An online portal
  • General insurance, car and home insurance
  • Purchase and utilise OEM parts,
  • On-line times guide (OTMguide)
  • A training and education program for all members

Conceptually, any repairers can join the aiCOOP. The cooperative is aimed at providing end-to-end products and services to the automotive industry to assist and enable vehicle manufacturers, retailers, repairers, mechanics and consumers to ensure that vehicles retain their structural and mechanical integrity for the life of the vehicle.

The fundamental objective is to restore confidence in the collision repair industry through ensuring all vehicles are returned to pre-accident condition and will perform as designed in any subsequent collision, as is the duty of care of all repairers.

The founding directors have developed relationships with underwriters, manufacturers and key suppliers to the industry, and expect to make a full announcement next month.

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