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Charging into the future with the right accessories

Repair workshops can be ready to meet the transition to more EVs with the right equipment and training. Charging them up is a great place to get started.

In 2023 full battery EVs made up more than seven per cent of all new vehicles purchased in Australia. In February sales figures, this had jumped to 9.6 per cent of new vehicles, with some predictions that they will make up almost half of new cars within a decade.

These numbers are expected to increase as new cheaper models come onto the market and innovation increasingly overcomes range issues. As this happens repair workshops are likely to see more coming though their doors and with training and an investment in equipment, businesses can be ready to meet this transition.

Meeting the demand

Leading power accessory supplier Projecta has further expanded its range of quality EV charging cables and accessories to meet this demand.

The Projecta Chargers include both Type 1 and Type 2 cables providing safe and reliable charging for most late and earlier model electric vehicles. Along with cables and chargers, Projecta’s product offering in the EV space also extends to adaptors and storage solutions, positioning Projecta as a one-stop solutions provider for all EV charging needs.

Wider range

Included in the range is the EVC2KW 2.4KW EV Portable EV Charger, which allows owners to daily or emergency charge their vehicles at the home or in the garage by plugging into a regular mains socket. The charger features an ergonomic design for comfortable use, and an LCD screen displays charging information.

The EVCBT2T1 Type 1 EV Charger is a must-have for owners of older vehicles, allowing them to charge their car at a Type 2 charging station.

Also available are the EVCBT2T2 and EVCBT2T2-3P 7.2KW and 22KW EV Charging Cables which are suitable for charging Type 2 vehicles at a Type 2 charging station; these chargers come with a choice of either single or three-phase cables. For owners with older Type 1 vehicles, the EVCBT2T1 Type 1 EV Charging Cable is a must-have, allowing them to charge their car at a Type 2 charging station.

All chargers are ergonomically designed, are weatherproof and built to endure high frequency use; they also feature caps that prevent water and dust ingress and are certified to IK10 ratings for impact resistance to ensure durability. For safe and convenient storage and transportation, the charging cables come with a hard-wearing EVA case. 

Projecta also offers a selection of convenient charging adaptors, including the EVAPT1T2 Type 1 to Type 2 Adaptor for charging a Type 2 vehicle at a Type 1 charging station, and the EVAPT2T1 Type 2 to Type 1 Adaptor for charging a Type 1 vehicle at a Type 2 charging station.

Different vehicles, different solutions

Projecta Senior Brand Manager, James Pearson, says the expanded Projecta provided charging solutions for just about all electric vehicles.

“With four different charger cables available to suit both Type 1 and Type 2 cars along with an emergency charger and a selection of adaptors and accessories, the Projecta Chargers range has most EV cars – both old and new – covered,” James said.

The EVC2KW Portable EV Charger allows owners to daily or emergency charge their vehicles at the home or in the garage by plugging into a regular mains outlet.

“Along with this product breadth, prospective buyers can also rest assured that they are purchasing these important components from an extremely reputable manufacturer whose core business is power management. The range is designed, engineered and manufactured to Projecta’s industry-leading standards, ensuring safe, reliable and durable operation for the long term.”   

For full details on Projecta’s EV Chargers range, visit: Projecta These products are available from leading automotive outlets nationwide.

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