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Synergy Auto Repairs

To get an insight into a social enterprise engaging young offenders, Joe McFadries visited Synergy Auto Repairs in North Melbourne to see what they do and how they do it. The visit changed his view of the youth justice...
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Parramatta Smash Repairs

Joe McFadries visited Parramatta Smash Repairs late last year and was so impressed by what he saw, he arranged to go back and meet Cec, Steve and Ryan Simpson to discuss their journey from a small start-up in a...
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Al’s and Auto Care in Darwin

Joe McFadries made the most of his recent trip to the Northern Territory: he met some very interesting people and discovered a strong, robust local collision industry.
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Katherine Towing

The Northern Territory is well-known as a destination full of surprises. On a recent visit, Joe McFadries found this to be very much the case.
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