Entrepreneurial Women in Automotive

Miriam Deitcher Director, Gobert Smash

Not your typical smash repair shop! We spoke with one of the industry’s newest body shop owners, experienced businesswoman Miriam Deitcher, who took the plunge early last year and backed herself to build a successful collision repair facility.
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Lana Pagiamtzis, Fix Auto Mulgrave

We met with one of the industry’s next generation of leaders and business owners and discovered that there is so much more to Lana Pagiamtzis than meets the eye. A true inspiration to women everywhere.
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Jan McLaren, maintaining the McLaren Legacy

In a recent trip “across the ditch” I caught up with Jan McLaren – yes that McLaren – to chat about her lifelong connection with New Zealand Motorsport and her commitment to maintaining the Bruce McLaren legacy.  
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