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Carmageddon – Leading the Way!

In March 2017, the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) hosted Carmageddon – Innovate or Detonate; a one day symposium which brought together industry, government and academia to explore and investigate the realm of implications for the greatest level of automotive disruption seen since the inception of cars.
With 2022 identified as the tipping point for the automotive industry, a time of massive change is upon us and MTA Queensland has responded in kind. The announcement of Carmageddon II, Leading the Way, which will be held at the Association’s state-of-the-art facility on Wednesday, 12th July, has been met with overwhelming interest. The program will focus heavily on the theme of business innovation solutions with attendees offered the opportunity to experience an afternoon of interaction with exhibitors showcasing their new-world ideas and concepts.
The presenters, all experts in their field, are led by keynote speaker, Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, the Chair of PWC Digital Economy at QUT. Professor Kowalkiewicz is leading an ambitious research agenda to inform and influence a robust digital economy in Brisbane and Queensland while managing a contemporary research portfolio and converts industry-driven opportunities in the digital economy into research outcomes of global relevance.
“Nothing excites me more than exploring bleeding-edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems that businesses or individuals face,” said Professor Kowalkiewicz.
Other leading presenters from Telstra, the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Bank and QUT will cover topics including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data management and privacy, electric/hybrid vehicle charging and provide information integral to new business models. Carmageddon speakers will explore the applications of virtual reality technology which may transform the relationship between manufacturer, dealer and consumer.
Carmageddon will present further opportunities for MTA Queensland’s ongoing development of the first automotive innovation hub in the state. The innovation hub is designed to assist startups and help existing businesses transition to new business models.
Dr Brett Dale, MTA Group CEO said, “The innovation hub will engage across all automotive sectors with opportunities for mentors, investors, commercial partners and volunteers, and ultimately provide commercial digital solutions in an eco-system for entrepreneurship.“MTA Queensland is committed to staying at the forefront of the digital revolution happening in the automotive industry.
“Carmageddon events are designed to provide insight and assist automotive businesses to make necessary changes to their business models to be able to capitalise on the impending disruptors.”


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