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Car-O-Liner’s WorkShop Solutions

Car-O-Liner’s latest WorkShop Solutions mean that you can configure the workshop as you wish to enhance efficiency and productivity. WorkShop Solutions provide organised inventory control solutions such as tool boards, wall sections and separators that allow you to configure unique work bay designs to meet your collision repair workshop’s space requirements. Trolleys on wheels can easily be moved to where they are most needed, thus increasing efficiency and cycle times.

With WorkShop Solutions, you can increase your profitability by ensuring that your workshop is well organised and planned. Parts silhouettes on the tool boards ensure that repairs can be completed more quickly and efficiently as tools and equipment are always in their correct places – no need for the technician to waste time finding what is needed to complete the job.

Features and benefits:

  • Parts silhouettes ensure tools are returned to the proper location, leading to effective inventory control.
  • Ergonomic layout ensures technicians can find tools and complete repairs faster.
  • The attractive and organised workshop increases customer confidence.
  • High quality, sturdy construction holds multiple parts, giving a long life with low maintenance costs.
  • Space saving design maximises the use of wall or wagon space.
  • The product range is flexible and matches multiple global car manufacturers’ parts designs.
  • LEAN production practices.
  • Easy to attach/detach and move the wall panels and shelves from walls to tool wagons.

The working environment of a collision repair workshop plays a crucial role in the overall quality of the customer experience. It is here that the customers form their image of your workshop and your brand, just as it is here that each employee’s sense of belonging, pride and personal responsibility is created. The combination of environment and employees that exudes competence and security offers such a professional impression to both customers and insurance companies alike.

For more information, contact or call Car-O-Liner Australia on Tel: (02) 4271 6287.

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