Car-O-Liner’s reliable and flexible system

Lifting and clamping are fundamentals of any workshop, doing them safely and efficiently makes for a quicker turnover and happier clients.

Lifting and clamping are fundamentals of any workshop but doing them securely, safely and efficiently can make the difference to quicker turnover and happier clients.

What business owners look for is the equipment they can rely on over and over again. For more than fifty years Car-O-Liner has been internationally renowned as an alignment bench supplier to the industry.

Known for their reliable, high-quality products, Car-O-Liner ensures efficient and technologically advanced collision repair equipment, where benches are just the beginning in integrated systems.

Car-O-Liner has kept these systems at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket through supplying innovative solutions, technical developments, customer support and adapting to the market as it demands.

With three out of five of the most popular new vehicles in Australia being large utes, it therefore made sense
to supply a bench to accommodate the growing number of large vehicles appearing in workshops.

Car-O-Liners new BenchRack 6.3 Master System will only add to a workshop’s flexibility. The new modification of extending the length to 6.3 metres, the BenchRack allows for a range of longer vehicles, such as light trucks, vans and SUVs to use the equipment securely.

The products at Car-O-Liner are designed to integrate with one another. The universal integration allows for the advanced technology to save costs and time on repairs, and therefore increasing profits and performance.

The BenchRack 6.3 Master System is one piece of equipment in an array of safe and secure vehicle mounting for vehicles that Car-O-Liner offers.

The equipment has strengthened the ability for extra wide drive on ramps and clamping accessories to be used on vehicles.

There are two variations for the BenchRack system, a blue and a grey version is available for workshop specifications.

The BenchRack 6.3 metre Master Kit encompasses a range of vehicle applications within the EVOTM System and clamping accessories. The two main drawcards are the 10-tonne draw aligner, and the removable ramps.

The 10-tonne draw aligner capacity is part of the Master Kit, with a 360-degree access and multi-angle pulling system. The Master Kit also includes removable ramps. The ramps allow for advantageous and ease of use for accessing vehicles from any angle.

The BenchRack 6.3 Master System also covers six main features that highlight the benefits of using the new and improved system.

• The flexible installation meets the needs of workshop sizes through either a pit or fixed mounting.

• The exclusive pillar jacks allow for a vehicles efficient and secure mounting with a threshold (rocker) support.

• The accurate real-time measuring is used best when integrated with Car- O-Tronic Vision2 X3 and Car-O-Data vehicle measurement database.

• Effective anchoring and holding, combining with the EVO universal system means that no specific vehicle fixtures required.

• The clamping accessories provide a range of vehicles with strong, no-slip and safe holdings.

• The BenchRack 6.3m Master System meets OEM approved manufactures’ standards for equipment.

Car-O-Liner is committed to producing a complete line of effective collision repair solutions, including alignment and straightening systems.

Car-O-Liner’s manufacturing operations and head office are based in Sweden. Distributors can be found in nearly 70 countries worldwide, including Australia.

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