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Car-O-Liner aluminium repair equipment now with Tesla approval

Aluminium repair is here to stay, and Car-O-Liner offers a complete solution for all aluminium repair needs. As the range of vehicles with aluminium parts is increasing, so is your chance to grow your business. By meeting industry standards and Tesla requirements, you can ensure that your workshop is up to the task of repairing aluminium vehicles.

With Car-O-Liner Aluminium Repair Solutions, and training from Car-O-Liner Academy, your shop will be able attract more business and repair a greater range of vehicles.

The range of Tesla-approved Car-O-Liner equipment includes:

  • Quick 42 Alignment Bench
  • EVO Anchoring and Holding system
  • Car-O-Tronic Vision2 Measuring System
  • WorkShop Solutions Inventory Management
  • BenchRack 5500 Alignment Bench
  • Tesla Bench Mounting.

In addition to the above Tesla-approved range, Car-O-Liner also offers an extensive range of equipment dedicated to the challenges of aluminium repair. These include the EVO 3 aluminium holding kit, a safe and secure aluminium anchoring system, which includes additional components for aluminium repair and complements the universal EVO 1 and EVO 2 anchoring and holding systems.

  • Perfect aluminium holding for your aluminium vehicle – safe, secure fixturing during repair
  • Fast – quick and easy set-up saves time and money
  • Can be stored on our dedicated EVO3 aluminium tool board.

It is essential to avoid galvanic corrosion by keeping your aluminium repair tools separate. With the aluminium workstation, a dedicated tool storage solution that meets all “alu-repair” needs, you will reduce the possibility of cross-contamination with steel particles, and with a built-in work area you can complete your jobs efficiently in one place.

  • Mobile cart with shelving, tool board and work area
  • Carbon fibre Pull Bar Dent Pulling System with 6 jaws, 50cm, 100cm and 160cm
  • Aluminium Spotter and Hand Puller
  • 4 professional grade aluminium hammers
  • Threaded pull washers with 4mm studs.

And finally, creating an isolated aluminium repair area in your workshop is crucial. With Car-O-Liner’s heavy-duty, non-combustible curtain walls you minimise the risk of contamination during the aluminium repair process.

For more information, contact: or call Car-O-Liner Australia on Tel: (02) 4271 6287.

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