Published on December 1st 2017 in

Capricorn Group CEO Greg Wall re-elected to the ICA Board

Capricorn is delighted to announce, as a proud cooperative, that it’s Group CEO, Greg Wall, has been re-elected to the International Cooperatives Alliance (ICA) Board.

The ICA represents cooperatives and mutual structured businesses from 100 countries around the world. Greg Wall’s re-election to the Board is another direct endorsement of the prominence that Capricorn has gained on a global level for its outstanding success.

The Capricorn Board supported Greg’s initial ICA Board nomination four years ago and he became the first Australian to join the ICA Board in 2013. Greg now enters his second four-year term of service to the ICA Board following a vote conducted at the ICA General Assembly held in Kuala Lumpur in November.

“I am proud of the contribution that I have made to the ICA Board and to the cooperative movement in general over the past four years. The work done on progressing the UN sustainable goals during this time shows the true power of cooperatives and reinforces the vision of making cooperative structured businesses the number one choice for people by 2020,” Mr Wall stated.

“This re-appointment also recognises Capricorn as a shining example of how successful cooperative structured organisations can be all over the world,” He added.

It is also fitting that the Capricorn Group CEO continues to represent Australia on the ICA Board given the growth of cooperatives and mutual structured businesses in this country. These businesses have become a part of the Australian Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals, (BCCM) an organisation of which Greg Wall is also a Director. The BCCM has since gained recent recognition from the Australian Government relating to the importance of cooperatives as a business model.

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