BRUNOX Rust Stop epoxy primer

Now available in Australia from U-POL.

BRUNOX is well known in Europe as a leading rust treating epoxy primer. The product, developed in Switzerland, is unique because it contains epoxy resins, making it compatible with most 2K topcoats. With BRUNOX, you can treat rust and prime with one product.

BRUNOX is an amber-coloured, clear liquid that forms a metal-organic iron compound through converting the neutralised rust and provides 7 to 10 times deeper rust penetration than emulsion-based rust treatment products.

After application, BRUNOX dries black, forming a very compact and corrosion-resistant protective layer, which guarantees long-term corrosion protection while creating a perfect prime coat because of the epoxy-resin components. Being compatible with many commercially available topcoats, BRUNOX is ideal for vehicle restoration work.

A typical application starts with first removing loose rust, grease, dirt, and paint residues with a wire brush, grinding wheel, or sanding. One of the many advantages of using BRUNOX is avoiding the need to wash off free acids, a process that might introduce further moisture.

BRUNOX can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed and comes in 250 ml, 1 litre and 5 litre packs, and the most popular pack, the 400 ml aerosol. Two coats are usually sufficient when applied with a brush or roller, although a few extra coats may be needed when using the aerosol. After application, the surface dries to an even finish ready for applying the topcoat.

Of course, for automotive use, to achieve a first-class final coat you may want to either sand it back and/or apply a second primer coat to fill in any uneven surfaces, although this is not required for product performance. BRUNOX therefore simplifies painting underbodies, boot, and bonnet areas.

Across Europe, it is also used extensively in heavy industry to protect machinery, treat structural steel, and is used around the home for general maintenance and restoration. BRUNOX is particularly good for restoring and protecting rust affected architectural steel in corrosion prone coastal areas, and for vehicle towbars and boat trailers.

BRUNOX is available through leading automotive products company U-POL Australia, through both trade and retail distributors. For more information, visit:, call 02 4731 2655, email or contact your local U-POL representative.

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