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Bodyshop alchemists transform tired old commodore into the Golden Holden

The final touches were made, and the restoration completed on a 2002 Holden Commodore, the coveted prize in a 'Car-aoke' singing competition.

Not everyone has that Midas touch but a Braybrook bodyshop has shown how they can convert an ageing ruin into a classic car.

The coveted prize for a singing competition hosted by the Christian O’Connell Show was a newly restored 2002 Holden Commodore.

The Commodore was known as the Golden Holden by listeners of the Christian O’Connell show on the Melbourne’s Gold FM radio station.

The Commodore caught the attention of Adam O’Sullivan, EGM at ACM Parts, when he discovered the competition and quickly offered to procure parts for the car.

Stanley’s Body Works, an AMA Group collision repair site located in Braybrook, Victoria, was called upon to restore the Commodore’s body to a better-than-factory finish – and the team delivered.

It was a quick turnaround from Stanley’s offer of support to the vehicle landing in the workshop, and the team raced against the clock to restore the car.

When it arrived, the Commodore had paintwork, dents, a ruined interior, fix-it taped on to the mirror and a thick coating of dust. The challenge was set, and all hands were on deck to restore the car to its original beauty.

With ACM Parts supplying the parts and Stanley’s Body Works restoring the vehicle, the project was delivered in just three weeks – with an average restoration taking up to three or four months.

Adam O’Sullivan reflected on the highlights of the experience.

“It was great to be involved in a project like this that really showcases what the AMA group is capable of, from sourcing the parts, to restoring the vehicle, and working with other key supply partners to finish the whole project off, it was a real team effort,” O’Sullivan says.

The car has now made the journey to its new home at the winner of the Car-aoke competition. With its new gold paintwork, leather seats and tinted windows, the true Australian car is now a piece of golden Holden history.

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