Published on December 3rd 2021 in

BMW awards inventive students’ visions of Melbourne 2030

YourMelbourne, a BMW Group Australia initiative in collaboration with RMIT University, tasks students to create their vision of the city of Melbourne in 2030 and factor in the challenges of climate change, a growing population and the need for future mobility solutions amid a rapidly evolving landscape.

Urban agriculture that incorporates energy sourced from EV batteries, a plan to reinvent the city of Melbourne as a green oasis with recharge zones and creation of business hubs on the outskirts of the city are just some of the progressive concepts that marked submissions to this year’s YourMelbourne competition.

The competition was open to those attending RMIT’s University College of Business and Law and its School of Economics, Finance and Marketing. Entrants were also briefed to weave in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly, and which are intended to also be achieved by 2030.

Each submission was judged by a panel, which included members of staff from both BMW and RMIT, on the following pillars: Public Mobility, Private Mobility, Urban Planning, Connectivity and Sustainability.

Wolfgang Buechel, CEO of BMW Group Australia, said the submissions were of an extraordinarily high standard. “We were truly impressed by the vision and foresight shown by these students in creating their functional concepts for Melbourne in 2030,” commented Buechel.

“Their creative ideas about how to develop next-generation power solutions, reduce congestion and enhance urban mobility for an expanding population not only showcased breakthrough thinking; it also underlined the important roles these bright young people will play in the shaping of Melbourne in the years to come.”

Professor Heath McDonald, Dean of School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, RMIT College of Business and Law, said the students had demonstrated outstanding ingenuity while pointing out the significance of YourMelbourne in providing a platform for their ideas.

“Our successful partnership with BMW Group Australia for the 2021 YourMelbourne competition provided fantastic insights into the minds and remarkable abilities of these futurists,” Professor McDonald said. “Congratulations to the 17 students who entered. We look forward to watching and fostering the future direction of these students with keen interest.”

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