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baslac launches technical online support tool

baslac has launched a technical online support tool to assist customers to follow standard operating procedures for all baslac processes. The online support tool includes simple, step-by-step process instructions and videos, and is available to paint shop technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“The baslac online support tool was launched to provide body shops with access to knowledge and processes without any delay,” said Damien Badenoch, baslac Technical Services Coordinator. “Technicians may know the answer to a process they are doubting, but having the online tool available can alleviate any concerns, vallowing them to identify the correct practice and get on with their work.”

The online technical support tool is now available for solvent (baslac 35) and waterborne (baslac 45) product lines on the baslac website

NCR baslac

To obtain access, just speak to your approved local baslac distributor.

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