BASF’s Ultramid Balance on new model Mazdas

Molten, a global Japanese supplier of sporting goods and automotive components, has used BASF Ultramid Balance to produce a new rear bumper stay, an automotive part designed to protect the underbody of vehicles. This innovative polyamide (PA) solution has been used in Mazda’s newly launched models Mazda 3 and CX-30.

“Rear bumper stays are exposed to chemicals from the road, such as road salt during winter and high heat from the muffler, causing parts made with conventional materials, such as polypropylene and polyamides, to deteriorate and deform over time. However, with BASF’s high-performance and specialised material solution Ultramid Balance the rear bumper stays are highly resistant to heat, oil, most solvents, aqueous solutions, and alkalis,” said Yasumoto, Senior Adviser, Body Product Development Section, Molten. “It also offers our customers a more sustainable solution as this grade is made with castor oil from plants.”

Bio-based sebacic acid, which is used to produce Ultramid Balance, originates from the castor oil plant. The use of Ultramid Balance in the rear bumper stay is another example of BASF’s contribution to support the increasing customer demand for raw materials based on renewable resources. Ultramid Balance is well received in the market not only because it is based on renewable materials but also due to its superior performance compared to the standard polyamides such as PA6 and PA66.

This innovative material solution, which consists of 30 percent glass fibre resin, possesses higher long-term service temperature and chemical resistance with stabilisers and polymer technology. As compared to other polyamides, this advanced material has lower moisture uptake, which ensures rear bumper stays remain dimensionally stable in humid environments.

“Every automotive part has its requirements, depending on the intended value proposition of the vehicles. This is where our close collaboration with automotive OEMs enables customised material solutions to meet customers’ specific needs,” said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF.

“We are committed to bringing in our expertise to provide solutions that can add value to our customers. We are excited to learn that two car models, Mazda 3 and CX-30, which use BASF’s high performance materials in their design, have been named as finalists of the ‘World Car of the Year 2020’. We will continue to collaborate with our customers and address their evolving needs,” said Isamu Yamamoto, Director Performance Materials, BASF Japan.

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