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Published on June 10th 2022 in

BASF expands Application Centre in Mangalore, India

BASF has expanded its Automotive Coatings Application Centre at the Coatings Technology Centre in Mangalore, India. As an integral part of BASF’s existing research and development (R&D) facilities for automotive coatings solutions, the automotive coatings application centre covers over 400 square meters of floor area and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as high precision climate-controlled spray booth and electrostatic rotary bell applicators, and advanced quick connection system for electrostatic applications. The facility is meticulously designed to enable customer-oriented R&D activities coupled by accurate simulation of OEM paint shops.

“The expansion of the application centre is an important addition to serve the Indian market with high-quality coatings solutions. It symbolises our strong commitment to supporting the automotive industry’s long-term growth in India,” said Narayan Krishnamohan, Managing Director, BASF India Ltd. and Head, BASF Group Companies in India.

BASF India’s Coatings division’s expanded Automotive Coatings Application Centre will boost their customer service capability. The World-class facility is designed to develop innovative solutions for automotive coatings and gain strategic advantages serving customers more efficiently with advanced machine capability and better customer line simulation conditions.

“This investment is a significant milestone in our effort to further strengthen our R&D footprint in Asia Pacific, as well as improve our proximity to customers in one of the fastest growing regions for our automotive coatings solutions,” said Patrick Zhao, Senior Vice President, BASF Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific. “With the expanded automotive coatings application centre, we aim to not only continue our investment in OEM coatings in India, but to also support long-term growth in the automotive market in the region going forward.”

BASF also operates Automotive Coatings Application Centres in Shanghai, China, Totsuka, Japan, and Bangpoo, Thailand, in Asia Pacific.

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