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BASF launches RODIM In Australia and New Zealand

The full range of paint-related products from RODIM help body shops to streamline processes and optimize results, as well as meet the growing demand for high quality automotive refinishing.

BASF introduces RODIM, a new brand of paint-related products, that support body shops in Australia and New Zealand to enhance their workflow and optimise the results for automotive refinishing. The comprehensive, user-friendly product portfolio offers protective wear and consumables needed for masking, sanding, mixing and painting in the refinish repair process. RODIM is fully compatible with the refinish paint process of BASF’s two refinishing brands, Glasurit and baslac.

“Leading collision repair centres strive to deliver quality repairs quickly at minimal cost. RODIM is geared to the professional needs of our customers, based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive refinish business. It completes our line of product offerings and enables us to better serve our customers in Asia Pacific,” said Chris Titmarsh, Vice President, Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF.

The RODIM portfolio helps streamline the processes by matching each step with highly compatible quality tools and consumables. It saves body shop professionals time and hassle in checking and comparing various options of support tools in the market. “Customers are well assured that RODIM products are the best match for Glasurit and baslac paint processes,” added Titmarsh.

BASF began developing a portfolio of accessory products for the painting segment in the Netherlands in 1983. Since then, BASF has continued its efforts to identify and offer customers the most needed products and solutions. RODIM was first introduced to Japan in 2017 and China in 2018.

“In this mature market that emphasises short cycle time and high customer satisfaction, we are committed to enabling our customers to implement efficient operations while improving performance and profitability with RODIM,” said Tony Wiggins, Head of Coatings, BASF Australia and New Zealand.

The specialised line features high-performance products, such as tack cloths, masking film, paint strainers, mixing cups, sanding discs and nitrile gloves. More products for preparation, cleaning, and finishing will be subsequently added to the selection.

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