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Published on September 28th 2020 in

BASF launches Glasurit 100 Line in Australia and New Zealand

Focusing on eco-effectiveness, process efficiency and highest product quality, the new line meets the highest requirements of modern body shops.

Since 1888, Glasurit has stood for perfect quality, social and ecological responsibility. The innovative 100 Line supports customers to grow, become more competitive and, at the same time, improve their environmental footprint as well as drive overall performance.

Continuing its rich history, the introduction of Glasurit 100 Line marks another important milestone for BASF in the Australian and New Zealand automotive refinish market, being the first to introduce the waterborne basecoat system in Asia Pacific.

“Australia and New Zealand are important and strategic growth markets for our Refinish Coatings business and today marks our first launch in Asia Pacific with Glasurit 100 Line.” said Sebastien Garnier, Vice President – Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific. “The new line is designed to increase the overall efficiency of modern body shops of the future and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint, exceeding all global VOC requirements. 100 Line is where sustainability meets efficiency in an innovative formulation, helping our customers do more jobs in less time,”

Glasurit 100 Line is the first basecoat line on the market with a VOC value below 250 g/l, which is a pioneering 40% below the EU solvent limit. It also exceeds all global VOC requirements. With 100 Line, Glasurit has succeeded in producing a waterborne basecoat system of unprecedented eco-effectiveness and quality.

Adding this to its excellent colour stability, robustness in application and its environmental attributes, 100 Line is the most innovative and sustainable paint system in the industry.

“When comparing with existing basecoat lines in the market, customers can expect savings of up to 35% in overall process times through faster application and shorter flash-off cycles, and another 20% savings can be made through reduced material consumption,” said Mark Spiteri, National Sales Manager, BASF Australia Ltd. “The opportunity for body shops to generate more revenue through optimising operating costs through less product consumption, new pigment technology and better hiding power will elevate body shop business efficiency.”

Glasurit leads with its digital colour management solutions and takes the search for the right colour to a new level with Glasurit’ s spectrophotometer RatioScan 12/6. Customers can easily and quickly identify the precise colours and gain access to millions of colour formulas.

Part of the success formula has been early customer feedback. “We’re finding the colours are more in line with what OEM factories have been producing on the vehicle, resulting in less colour variations,” shared Peter Sparks, Autobody Manager at Mercedes Benz Brighton, in Melbourne. “The drying time is much quicker and the finish harder – which I know our technicians really appreciated during the painting process. We’re also using less product per application and have found we save around 25% time for an average size job which then allows us to increase the throughput of the business.”

In addition to the innovative new waterborne basecoat line, Glasurit 100 Line customers also benefit from a broad range of tools and services to optimise processes at all levels and make day-to-day work easier. This includes Perform100, provides all key figures at a glance helping body shop managers to always have a clear overview of how their business is operating. Coupled with Solve100 which provides express technical support and colour service.

The new basecoat line is now available through your locally approved Glasurit distributor.

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