Rob Bartlett

Bartlett focuses on the SupplySide

After a decade at Suncorp, Rob Bartlett has recently started a new venture – SupplySide, a specialist supplier consultancy, focusing on end to end supplier strategy, planning and development, for:

  • companies looking to build on and improve their supplier relationships and performance
  • potential or current suppliers looking to increase their work, secure new contracts, or create new products

Rob Bartlett is excited to get started: “Suppliers are so important for business success. There’s a very diverse range of suppliers found at every point of the insurance value chain and targeted improvements can have very significant returns, for both a company’s P&L and the policy holder’s experiences,” said Bartlett.

Over the years Bartlett has heard dozens of pitches from potential suppliers and some were incredible, but others unfortunately lacked clear stories, or simply misunderstood the insurer’s problem and objectives. However, Bartlett says, to be fair sometimes the insurer or company being pitched to just doesn’t get it or is too attached to how they already do it.

“Having been on both sides of the supplier fence in my career, I have an insider’s perspective on what makes a good supplier relationship – and I talk ‘Insurancese’, which can help both sides of the supplier world navigate towards better outcomes.”

Before going into insurance Rob Bartlett managed the 34 year, $8bn CityLink tollway public private partnership contract relationships with government for Transurban – achieving some great wins and enhancements, including new products, higher pricing in volume segments, major contract revisions and increased toll compliance.

Of course, many people would know his high-profile work for Suncorp, which includes:

  • rebuilding the motor supplier relationship and network
  • supporting the volume growth, contract development and successful sale of Capital SMART and the JV program
  • leading in the roll out of the early phase of AudaNet
  • his extensive regulatory and industry involvement
  • his work with the unique Synergy Auto Repairs social venture
  • developing a new generation of supply team leaders.

Bartlett says, SupplySide will take a long term perspective with clients, and build on each businesses strengths and opportunities. The services include;

  • Supply opportunity mapping and business operations realignment and redesign
  • Supplier co-development workshops, to develop joint innovations in service and supply
  • Coaching and mentoring managers and teams to analyse performance and achieve supply targets
  • Systems and process reviews for tender response or project alignment
  • Benchmarking and performance monitoring.

“Every supplier relationship is important and filled with opportunity, while the world still faces COVID-19 challenges, with growing customer expectations, commercial drivers and increased regulation in the financial services and insurance industries, I think great suppliers are actually more important to financial services than ever before,” he said “I’m looking forward to helping companies and their suppliers build capacity, resilience and new opportunities – and so far, the response has been fantastic!”

Rob Bartlett can be contacted directly at or on

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