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Published on March 11th 2022 in

Bapcor Trade celebrates automotive industry diversity on International Women’s Day

The trade division of Australasia’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company, Bapcor Trade, celebrated the ever-increasing number of women working in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The Burson Auto Parts, Precision Automotive Equipment businesses and their many thousands of trade customers, continue to break down the barriers for women to seek rewarding careers in this dynamic and constantly growing sector of Australian industry.

“International Women’s Day provided us with a great opportunity to raise awareness of women in our industry and the long-term career ascension opportunities available to them,” said Steve Drummy Bapcor Trade Executive General Manager. “We seek to break the gender bias that exists in our industry and play our part to encourage and support more women to bring their talent, expertise and enthusiasm to the automotive aftermarket business.”

Here are some thoughts from some of the female professionals linked to Bapcor Trade businesses either as team members, customers or suppliers.

Natasha Sanders, Third Year Apprentice at Ultra Tune Emerald: “I’ve been in the automotive industry for about two and a half years and would recommend more women to give it a go because it has been a really good experience”

Wendy West, Manager, Burson Auto Parts Kilmore: “I worked my way up from a delivery driver at Burson in 1991, but my experience in the automotive industry spans 35 years. I would absolutely recommend women to join the automotive industry – long gone are the days where this is just a job for men.”

Britney Olive, Pit Crew Member – Lamattina Top Fuel Racing Team: “I’ve been around the sport of Drag Racing since before I could walk so, it seemed to just come naturally to me to pursue this as a career. I first started crewing on my dad’s Nitro Funny Cars when I was 15 years of age and 100% recommend any female to become involved in drag racing as it can be both daunting and rewarding.”

Shanara Phillips, Second Year Apprentice, Horsham Off Road: “I have literally grown up around cars as my dad is a mechanic, so I had quite a bit of experience before I started my apprenticeship 14 months ago. The people I work with and my bosses make work really enjoyable and I believe taking on this job was one of the best decisions that I have made.”

Cristy Roebuck, Precision Auto Equipment Customer Service Coordinator: “I’ve worked in the automotive industry for just two years. I like the camaraderie and team environment in my workplace and of course, the organised chaos at times. I definitely recommend women to get involved in this industry.”

Nikita Walters, Burson Auto Parts Store Manager, Osborne Park: “My first job at the age of 15 was part time at an automotive parts and accessory store while I was still in school. I have now been employed in the automotive industry for 17 years and while it’s been challenging at times, overall the positives outweigh the negatives.”

Whether it is technicians, parts and equipment specialists or motorsport related careers, Bapcor Trade is involved, connected and supporting women in the industry.

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