NCR Axalta base coat application
Published on November 24th 2019 in

Axalta’s Top 5 tips for summer

Despite the demanding conditions of summer, it is still possible to achieve outstanding refinish results!  With a few simple tips you can maintain a high quality of workmanship first time every time.

  1. Use slower drying products when temperatures are high.
    In hot conditions, defects such as peely finishes and dry spray can occur during and after application. Using a slow activator and thinner combination, which will lengthen the drying time and allow the topcoat to flow out rather than dry too quickly. Productivity may be slightly slower, but it’s more time-effective to get the job done right the first time round.
  1. Adjustment of equipment according to the temperature.
    You can’t change the weather, but by knowing the temperature in the spray booth, you can choose the best gun settings for the job. For larger jobs don’t increase fluid flow too much or use too much air pressure, it is better to use the correct activator and thinner in hot conditions.
  1. Choosing the best activator and thinner combination.
    20°C is an ideal temperature for the mixing and application of paint products, higher temperatures will affect the paint’s viscosity and the overall finish. By using the temperature guides, you can select the most appropriate activator and thinner to create a paint system that will perform best in the ambient temperature.
  1. Make sure to observe the products pot life.
    Each products TDS lists the pot life at a temperature of 20°C, however using fast activators or accelerator thinners in warm conditions can significantly reduce the pot life of 2K materials. A mix that has exceeded its pot life will lose adhesion, overall performance and appearance, so use materials promptly during warm weather to ensure a high quality finish. If the material starts to thicken and is difficult to spray it has exceeded its pot life, in these cases do not add thinner, discard the material and make a fresh mix.  Also, close activator cans tightly immediately after use, to prevent humidity reducing the hardening effect.
  1. Utilise morning hours when temperatures are lower.
    Plan to carry out larger or more demanding jobs in the morning when it’s cooler, and before the drying cycles intensify workshop and booth temperatures.

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