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Axalta’s Annual Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report

Axalta has released its 67th annual Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report which reveals the top three automotive colours as: White (38 percent), Black (19 percent), and Grey (13 percent). White has been the top automotive colour worldwide since 2011.

This year, Silver dropped out of the top three colours in the world and 10 percent popularity represents the lowest level that colour has had in more than a decade. The survey also showed that Grey is gaining popularity in all regions of the world. Still, these top four colours – White, Black, Grey, Silver – continue to dominate the automobile population, representing 80 percent of market share globally.

“We are pleased to release the 2019 Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Global Product Manager, Colour. “After more than 65 years studying consumer preferences on automotive colours, we are truly the world leader in identifying trends and helping our customers deliver great cars in the best assortment of the most popular colours.”

Regionally, automotive colour preference has changed little in the past year, with one significant change. White declined by 1 percent in Europe and Grey increased 2 percent, which gave Grey the top spot in Europe for the first time ever.

“After the demand for Grey rose in the SUV sector last year in Europe, we saw 5 percent growth this year in the Compact/Sport sector. For the first time in Europe, the variety of natural to refined and sophisticated Grey surpassed White as the long-time favourite. Europeans have expressed their desire to use Grey to quieten the emotional noise in their lives and feel comforted by its presence,” says Elke Dirks, Colour Designer – Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Elsewhere, White continues to lead the market, with Asia recording a 1 percent increase in its popularity and having the widest popularity spread at 49 percent.

“China buyer preferences favour modern, sophisticated, and clean, making White an obvious choice,” says Annie You, Colour Designer – China.

North and South America continue to position White as the top colour, but also have seen an increasing interest in Grey vehicles. “While the top four neutral colours – White, Black, Grey, and Silver – continue to lead preferences globally,” continued Lockhart, “we are starting to see other colours make moves in popularity that might not have been thinkable in past years. For sure, the consumer is truly beginning to change the way they view their vehicle’s colour, and Axalta is prepared to partner with our automotive customers to meet those needs.”

Various shades from greenish-blues inspired by the ocean to Navy Blue, Icy Blue, and Denim Blue are also being found worldwide. Red is most popular in North America at 9 percent, and Brown/Beige versions reign in Russia at 12 percent popularity. Colour is impactful in consumer choices and product branding, and Axalta is committed to enhancing coatings with colour science and technologies for future vehicles.

“Colourful shades on vehicles are quickly noticed on today’s roads as Blue, Red, and Brown/Beige are showcased in spectacular hues,” concluded Lockhart. “Blue is most popular in North America and Europe with 10 percent of vehicles. So, finding a Blue to meet your personal taste is no problem.”

NCR Axalta Colour

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