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Axalta’s announces the 2019 ‘Think Sustainable!’ winner

Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has concluded their ‘Think Sustainable!’ promotion in Australia by announcing the winner to be Robbie Manson from Apex Smash Repairs in Queensland.

The promotion encouraged customers to strive in achieving their own business sustainability goals. By simply purchasing a Promotion Kit that includes a range of Axalta premium branded clears and Finixa paint processing products, the purchaser was able enter the draw to win up to $20,000 towards a solar panel system installation. Robbie purchased his Promotion Kit from Brisbane Refinish Supplies.

“We were excited to offer this promotion and encourage customers to Think Sustainable! Not every business can afford to install a Solar Panel System – so we gave customers the chance to win one.” explained Steven Brett, Managing Director of Axalta Coatings Systems in Australia. “At the same time, we encouraged body shops to look at the technologies currently available that can minimise energy consumption, reduce waste or increase efficiencies.”

Robbie is looking forward to seeing the impact the Solar Panel System will have on sustainability in his shop, saying: “I am so excited to have won this competition. A big thank you to Axalta for supporting us by supplying a Solar Panel System and encouraging body shops to think about sustainability. I can’t wait to have the system installed so I can see the impact it has on my business.”

Axalta has several other initiatives in place to promote and support body shop sustainability. The Axalta Services team work with customers in achieving their sustainability goals through better, safer and sustainable business practices and actions. In addition, Axalta presents the “Axalta Business Excellence Award” each year to recognise businesses that have achieved a competitive advantage through sustainable initiatives.

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