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Axalta Services offers an I-CAR leadership course

Axalta Coating Systems is offering an I-CAR approved Leadership Course designed for body shop owners, managers and team leaders to develop the skillset to become successful leaders within a team and business.  Participants will walk away with an in-depth understanding of how to differentiate leadership from management, motivate and develop staff, build a positive working culture and create the next generation of leaders that will ultimately translate into happier more effective staff and a strong business model.

Running a body shop requires leadership at all levels of management. Axalta Services understands the importance of this and the impact it can have on a body shop’s business sustainability. This led the team at Axalta to develop a leadership course that focuses on providing the right techniques to lead a team effectively and efficiently.

The course targets:

  • Understanding the differences between leadership and management.
  • Developing and motivating body shop staff to improve performance, retention and conflict resolution, whilst creating a positive and meaningful culture.
  • Identifying the right management style for the business.

The I-CAR certified leadership course is taught using a highly interactive guided learning model to keep attendees engaged in the learning process. Numerous concepts will be available, including:

  • Identifying the task or functions critical to becoming a successful leader.
  • Increasing retention and reducing absenteeism.
  • Providing opportunities to network with other business leaders.
  • Providing techniques to establish and improve employee engagement.

Axalta’s Training Alliance with I-CAR means that the upon completion of the leadership course an attendee will be awarded credit hours that can be applied towards the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals, Platinum Individual designations, or be used to meet role‑relevant annual training requirements.

The training dates for Leadership in 2018 are:

22 August                 South Australia
29 August                 Queensland
25 September           New South Wales
10 October                Western Australia
5 December               Victoria

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