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Axalta Services announces new courses for its refinish customers in Australia and New Zealand

2018 Training Schedule for its Customers

Axalta Services has recently launched its 2018 training schedule for its customers in Australia and New Zealand. This year’s programme will provide several courses that focus on effective business strategies, customer relationship management and change management. From Repair Planning, Leadership, Recruitment to SMART Repairs, participants will be provided with valuable insights into the latest tools, techniques and methodologies needed to increase throughput and decrease cycle times within the auto repair process.

“We’re about working with refinishers to implement solutions that drive productivity and profitability in their body shop,” said Robin Taylor, Axalta Services Manager. “Our training courses are designed to help body shops who are busy working In their business to take the time to effectively work On their business. By leveraging the depth and breadth of our experience, participants will leave with a renewed focus on their businesses’ goals. And, as a member of I-CAR Training Alliance, all courses are I-CAR certified.”

Axalta’s Training Alliance with I-CAR

Axalta’s Training Alliance with I-CAR means that upon completion of any Axalta Services’ course you will be awarded credit hours that can be applied towards the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals, Platinum Individual designations, or be used to meet role relevant annual training requirements. Each credit point earned will be submitted to I-CAR and recorded on your personal training record.

Axalta Services provides value-added services, designed to help Australian and New Zealand body shops operate to their fullest potential. Services include personalised consulting and coaching, training courses on ‘best practice’ procedures using Lean and Pre-Lean concepts, industry networking opportunities and access to tools that can help improve the way a body shop manages their business.


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