NCR Axalta Digital Colour Management technology
Published on October 3rd 2019 in

Axalta redefines digital colour management

Axalta is redefining what’s possible for car repair body shops of all sizes by helping them increase their efficiency through digital technology. Axalta’s Digital Colour Management uses a cloud-based colour management system that enables body shops to handle the entire colour retrieval and colour mixing processes, not only completely digitally, but also 100 percent wirelessly – something that is unique to Axalta.

Instead of matching colours by eye, with Axalta’s Digital Colour Management refinishers simply take colour readings of a vehicle’s paintwork using Axalta’s digital spectrophotometers, which wirelessly send the readings to Axalta’s constantly-updated online global colour database. The best match can be selected on a smartphone or a tablet and sent via WiFi to an IP scale for mixing the colour formula. Labels and other print-outs can also be handled wirelessly. A PC can still be used in the mixing room, but it is no longer required. In addition, thanks to the wireless data exchange between connectable devices, everything can be accessed by everyone in the same body shop network. There are also other online functionalities like stock management, paint shop management and e-ordering, as well as the ability to connect with many other digital management systems used in the body shop.

Adrien Schrobiltgen, Vice President for Axalta’s refinish business in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, said: “Axalta’s Digital Colour Management is the pinnacle of our digital services that help body shops be more accurate, more efficient and more profitable. And the premise is simple; the whole colour management process is carried out with our digital and wireless technologies using only a smartphone or a tablet. Colour chips, cables and PCs are a thing of the past.”

Axalta has a long and proven history of driving innovation in modern colour management and recently marked the sale of more than 50,000 spectrophotometers globally. “We are delighted that Axalta is the only company to provide the option to carry out the entire process digitally and wirelessly. We are giving our refinishers the right tools to place them at the cutting edge of digital transformation that’s happening in the refinish industry today, which in turn will help them achieve a solid competitive edge,” concluded Schrobiltgen.

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