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Published on August 23rd 2018 in

Axalta invests in colour targeting program

Axalta North America announced it is continuing its investment in its proprietary colour targeting process to ensure the highest quality colour matches are available for refinish customers. With 2019 model year vehicles beginning to enter the market, Axalta’s colour team is accelerating colour data collection to equip collision repair centres with the information they need to refinish consumers’ late model vehicles. This is particularly important this time of year, as the model year turns over and new colours and variations of existing colours are going into production.

“For consumers who have had a collision, their vehicle’s appearance post-repair is extremely important,” said Troy Weaver, Vice President, Axalta North America Refinish. “By having high quality colour matches available as soon as new colours enter the market, collision centres can complete high-quality repairs of late model vehicles with Axalta’s refinish products to get consumers back on the road quickly.”

Axalta’s team of colour experts use sophisticated spectrophotometers and customised software to collect colour data from vehicles leaving the manufacturing plant and arriving into railheads and shipyards. Coupled with the experience of the team, most having more than 20 years of specialised training in colour formulation, application, and visual verification of colour match at multiple angles, the colour targeting process results in a highly-accurate colour match for Axalta’s customers, and ultimately, vehicle owners.

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