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Published on February 26th 2021 in

Automechanika launches FIA Smart Driving Challenge subevent

The world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds, Messe Frankfurt, partners with the Swedish AI and Insurtech company Greater Than, on behalf of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), to launch a FIA Smart Driving Challenge subevent, a pre-exhibition activity encouraging people to drive in a smarter way.

Created by the FIA to encourage motorists to contribute to a safer and cleaner world, the FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC), which will start its third season in April 2021, is the world’s first challenge that rewards smart, safe and eco-friendly driving.

Organised around weekly challenges during the [northern] spring 2021, the subevent dedicated to exhibitors and visitors of the trade fair Automechanika Frankfurt will be modelled on the global FIA SDC and will invite participants to challenge each other in smart driving (safe and eco-friendly driving) using the FIA SDC app connected to their own car via Bluetooth.

Olaf Musshoff, Show Director of Automechanika Frankfurt: “We are happy to engage in this adventure and will take the opportunity to bring all stakeholders together in one joint mission for sustainable driving and enhance positive network effects.”

Greater Than, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based underwriting and digital auto insurance software solutions, uses AI to evaluate driving patterns in real-time. The Enerfy AI has been trained with driving data since 2004 and identify real-time driving patterns with 99.98% accuracy to factual risk and level of accident probability. The AI platform compares these patterns to a database with near one billion unique driving situations, based on analyses of over 130 billion kilometres of driving. Enerfy uses and analyses in depth details down to a multiple of datasets per second. Each mentioned second of the dataset creates a driving pattern that the AI evaluates in real time and translates to both risk and carbon footprint.

“To spread the message of safe and eco-friendly driving together with Messe Frankfurt is a fantastic opportunity to further raise awareness about road safety and sustainable driving,” said Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than.

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