Auto Innovation Centre offers aftermarket ADAS calibration alternative

The Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) has added Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration to its extensive list of capabilities.

Built as a centre of excellence, the cutting-edge AIC facility assists the aftermarket industry with product development and service solutions. The AIC’s ADAS calibration capability will now directly support windscreen repairers and vehicle repair workshops.

Utilising the latest equipment, the AIC can quickly recalibrate a range of new generation vehicles fitted with ADAS systems, including cameras and radars. The AIC boasts two high quality ADAS calibration tools: the Bosch DAS 3000 and the Hella CSC Tool, which provide top of the range recalibration capability. To further assist repairers, the AIC also offers headlight aiming and full OBD diagnostic capability.

The AIC team is fully trained in ADAS calibration and a large number of vehicles are compatible for ADAS calibration, which usually only takes an hour to complete. “For most windscreen repairers and collision repair workshops that need to replace windscreens or repair crash damage on newer generation vehicles, they generally have to take the vehicle to the original equipment manufacturer for ADAS calibration,” said Luke Truskinger, AIC Managing Director.

“The AIC has added this service offering to provide a fast, competitively priced alternative for all windscreen repairers and collision repairers.”

For more information about the AIC’s ADAS capabilities, or to book an appointment, contact Luke Truskinger – Tel: (03) 9545 3333 or email:

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