Published on December 18th 2017 in

Australia’s car parks become Christmas battlefields

National insurer Youi is urging Australia’s motorists to take extra care in car parks and to extend courtesy to all other drivers during the busiest shopping period of the year.

Youi CEO Frank Costigan said: “As shopping centre car parks across the nation become increasingly busy and congested with many making the year-end dash to the store, it’s likely there will be increased numbers of collisions as drivers look for that elusive parking space.”

“Car parks are notorious places for collisions. Our research showed 14 percent of all motor insurance claims occurred while cars were parked with an average cost of each claim over $2,000. Unfortunately, many drivers returning to their cars often find it damaged and the offender has not left their contact details. Youi research revealed the offender did not leave their details in a shocking one-third (33 percent) of all parked car claims.”

“Unfamiliar car parks can be difficult places to safely navigate and when combined with large numbers of stressed-out drivers looking for scarce available spaces it’s a perfect scenario for increased numbers of collisions. The intense competition for space often means drivers try to squeeze into tight spots. People trying to get out of their car also often knock their door into other vehicles, with many cars baring the trademark nick on the side.”

“Worse still, manoeuvring in and out of a narrow space can result in a costly bingle. Youi is urging motorists to minimise the risk of damage to their cars this Christmas by taking note of our tips to avoid car park collisions,” said Mr Costigan.

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