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Aussie motorists vanilla with their car colour

National insurer Youi released research revealing Australian motorists have a clear preference when it comes to the colour of their car. The study found white was the number one choice of hue among Youi customers, with close to one third (30.4 percent) of them looking at insuring a white car.

Youi CEO Frank Costigan says the company’s accident frequency research showed green was the safest car colour, recording the lowest number of accident claims across the nation. “Our claims research showed dark coloured cars were the most likely to be involved in a crash with grey topping the list followed by black and charcoal” says Mr. Costigan.

On Youi’s list of the most common car colours on Australia’s roads are also silver (19.4 percent), blue (11.3 percent) and black (10.4 percent). Popular choices also include grey (8.0 percent) and red (6.8 percent). Youi’s research also found that colour preference varied by State. Tasmanian motorists had the greatest preference for white cars with 33.9 percent on the State’s roads, while blue cars were favoured in ACT and black cars were more popular in Victoria, with 12.2 percent of Victorians in the study insuring a black car, greater than the 10.4 percent average across Australia.

“There are a number of potential factors driving white as the preferred car colour,” Mr Costigan said, “White is often perceived as one of the safest on the road when it comes to visibility, and is one of the main colours always offered by vehicle manufacturers simply because it’s a colour that buyers want. White is a colour also often associated with having a better resale value.”

States are not the only parties with distinct taste in car colours, as the Youi study also found the preference varied according to gender and age. Most notably, black vehicles are most popular for drivers born between 1980-1990 and then become increasingly less popular outside of this bracket, enjoying the least amount of popularity amongst those born prior to 1950.

To see where your car colour fits in to the mix, read the full study available at

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