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Published on September 10th 2018 in

Audi ‘really not writing position statements’ in future – says answers in formal repair procedures

Audi collision and equipment manager Mark Allen recently told the NACE MSO Symposium he was “really not writing position statements for repair anymore,” directing the audience of repairers to access his OEM’s repair procedures website.

The information they sought was in the formal repair procedures, he said, “You have to stop being lazy.”

This need for initiative on the part of repairers might continue once the estimator or technician is within the repair information on erWin. The information one needs might be not be in the collision section of the manual – the repairer might need to check the body-electrical or body-safety pages, Allen told the audience. “The information is there,” he said.

A shop might argue that the insurer won’t pay without documentation, Allen said. The front end of the shop might need training along with the back end, he suggested. (Besides, the actual repair procedures are clearly documentation as well, we’d argue.)

He said the repair procedures would make the difference in getting the repair done the right way and in successfully billing for the work. He also pointed out that the actual erWin repair procedures site allows a repairer to input the vehicle VIN and receive all build data, including the options and technology he demonstrated could require additional calibration. Third-party VIN lookup functions, such as on estimating services, might not be as accurate, he concluded.

This article courtesy of John Huetter of Repairer Driven Education (RDE). Check out their website at: for this and many other informative and educational articles on the collision repair industry.

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